Age 59

​Training for those 50+ to

  • build lean muscle mass:  Yes, we can build muscle at our age!  We all lose muscle as we age.  Rebuilding it protects our bones and prevents falls by improving balance.

  • boost metabolism:  More muscle mass means a more efficient metabolism because muscle burns more fuel.

  • boost bone density:  Stronger, activated muscles not only support and protect bones better but can lead to generating new bone cells.

  • blast chronic pain:  Improving muscular strength can reduce common symptoms of  arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, back pain.

  • blast deconditioning:  Deconditioning is what many of us felt during and after the Covid shutdown.  It's the weakness that sets in making it harder to perfom the activities of daily living.  Think of it as living below zero.  Being healthy is having strength and energy equal to your life's demands -- like living at zero or breaking even. Being fit is having more than enough strength and energy, a surplus that lets you really enjoy your life. 


       Where do you want to be?  

​  Our training at 50+

  • must follow different rules


  • must target aging issues


  • must be an individualized program


  • must include learning self care tools


  • must help regain or maintain independence

  • works best with someone in our own age group


Living longer is great if you're functional enough to enjoy it!"



After 50+ years on the planet, we all have areas of the body that remind us of a 'life well lived' and complicate staying active.  At 52, when my career in social work was interrupted by musculoskeIetal problems, I got certified to learn how to manage them.  Along the way I discovered how much I enjoy helping other people ignite their body’s own capacity to overcome injury and dysfunction.  Since then I have worked in a handful of clubs and in corporate fitness.  I am certified in weight training and corrective exercise by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and suspension training by TRX.   As part of my current practice, I now offer tailored online training that can help you balance health and fitness goals, address postural and chronic pain issues, and deconditioning.  50+ FIT CULTURE is about remaining as functional as possible throughout the lifespan.  We should respect that time has passed and our bodies are different while appreciating that age and debility do not have to be linked.  Book your free assessment online or in person in the Philly Metro area today!



All options include a one hour assessment.  The assesssment  allows for physical observation and testing as well as discussion of your health and fitness goals.  It's also an opportunity for those new or returning to fitness to get a sense  of what they need to work on and how we'll target those issues together. Improved mind/body connection, an understanding of form and technique needed to progress strength, balance, joint mobility, flexibility, posture, pain reduction will all be part of your training experience.   
While determined by fitness level, for the majority of clients minimal equipment is needed as most workouts use bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, balance pads, stability or medicine balls, and bodyweight.
In addition to your assessment a free trial 1hr session is being offered until 11/15/21!


                     Train 1 hr/wk 

               (4 sessions/month)              


                 scripted workout




To ensure that clients see and feel real progress, training for one hour weekly includes a scripted workout  clients can repeat on their own. 


 Train 2 hrs/wk

             (8 sessions/month)                                          







  Train 3 hrs/wk

 (12 sessions/month)





Gail does an excellent job of assessing your physical condition and learning what your fitness goals are.  She then develops a program that addresses immediate needs, adapting your exercises as you progress.
My back is MUCH better.


I started working with Gail in late 2018 after having some health problems. She has worked with me ever since and been able to deal with my ups and downs in health. Not only that she can adjust what I am doing even if I have a twinge in the middle of the program, which gives me confidence to continue knowing I will not get hurt.


We have each been working with Gail for over three years now.  She has helped us get in shape for our daughter’s wedding, worked on our overall strength and mobility, helped us overcome injuries and helped keep us sane during the pandemic.  We love working with Gail because she tailors each workout to our personal needs at any given time.  She challenges us and is always adding new twists and variety to our workouts.


We began exercising with Gail during the pandemic. Gail has demonstrated expertise in her instruction and takes care that no prior injuries are aggravated.  After a session we feel invigorated.  Working out has improved our strength, flexibility and balance.




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Email: gp@50plusfitculture.com

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